Production Vehicle Hire

Production vehicle hire provided by Splitz serves as a mobile production hub, offering convenience, efficiency, and equipment protection for location video shoots. It helps ensure that the production process runs smoothly and that all necessary gear is readily available wherever the shoot takes place.

Our prime location puts us within an hour’s reach of Longcross, Bray, Shepperton, Pinewood, and Leavesden studios, making us a convenient choice for productions in the region.

The benefits of Production Vehicle Hire

Our mobile production units or production truck, provides several benefits for location video production:

1. Equipment Storage: Production vehicles are equipped with ample storage space for cameras, lighting equipment, audio gear, and other essential production equipment. This ensures that all necessary gear is on hand and well-organized.

2. Efficient Setup:  Production vehicle streamlines the setup process, saving time and allowing the crew to start shooting more quickly with having equipment readily to hand.

3. Tailored: Our vehicles are designed and built to the specific needs of your productions, with built-in workstations, power outlets, monitors, and other features.

4. Weather Protection: Secure and climate-controlled environment for sensitive equipment, protecting it from adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, or extreme temperatures.

6. Mobile: Our Production vehicles are mobile and can travel to various shooting locations, even in remote or challenging terrain, providing flexibility in choosing shooting sites.

7. Power Generation: With built-in solar panels* and generators to supply ample power to equipment, reducing the need for external power sources.

8. Workspace: Production vehicle provide dedicated workspace for tasks like script reviews, meetings, and video editing, making them versatile hubs for production activities.

10. Environmental Impact: Consolidating equipment into one vehicle, our production vehicles can reduce the overall carbon footprint of the production by minimizing the number of vehicles needed.

11. Comfort Our production vehicles provide seating and amenities for crew members, to ensure your shoots are comfortable

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