Artiste Vehicles Hire

Our Artiste vehicles enhance the comfort and convenience for cast and talent, ultimately contributing to the success of the project and the satisfaction of the cast involved. We various vehicles available for hire and can offer ULEZ complaint motorhome or trailer to suit your travel needs.

Our prime location puts us within an hour’s reach of Longcross, Bray, Shepperton, Pinewood, and Leavesden studios, making us a convenient choice for productions in the region.

The benefits of Artiste Vehicles

1. Comfort and Privacy: Artists can have a comfortable and private space to prepare, relax, and focus on their roles. This includes changing costumes, rehearsing lines, and mentally preparing for scenes.

2. Convenience: Having an artist vehicle on location eliminates the need for talent to travel back and forth to a distant base or dressing room, which can save time and ensure they’re readily available when needed.

3. Efficiency: Talent can use the trailer to review scripts, practice lines, or receive direction from the director or producer, which can lead to more efficient and productive shooting schedules.

4. Professionalism: Providing artists with dedicated trailers showcases professionalism and respect, contributing to a positive working environment and potentially enhancing the quality of their performance.

5. Amenities: Our vehicles come equipped with amenities such as makeup and wardrobe stations, mirrors, toilets and comfortable seating. This ensures that artists have everything they need at their fingertips.

6. Weather Protection: In inclement weather conditions, artist vehicles offer shelter and a climate-controlled environment, helping to keep talent comfortable and ready for their scenes.

7. Security: Talent can securely store personal belongings and valuables in their trailers, reducing the risk of theft or loss during the production.

8. Quick Access: Artists are readily available on set, allowing for immediate access when they are needed for scenes. This minimizes downtime and potential delays in the production schedule.

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