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Location Support Vehicles

Tech vehicles by Splitz serves as a mobile hub for technical support and equipment management during on-location video production. It enhances efficiency, equipment protection, and coordination among technical personnel, contributing to the success of the production.

The benefits of a Tech Vehicles

Our Tech vehicles or technology support vehicles, offer several benefits for on-location video production:

1. Equipment Transport: Our Tech vehicles are designed to transport a wide range of technical equipment, including cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and computers, ensuring that all necessary gear is readily available on location.

2. Efficient Setup: Having equipment within a tech vehicle streamlines the setup process, saving time and allowing the crew to start shooting more quickly.

3. Tailored: Our vehicles are designed and built to the specific needs of your productions, with built-in workstations, power outlets, connectivity options, and storage designed for technical personnel.

4. Weather Protection: Our tech vehicles provide a secure and climate-controlled environment for sensitive technical equipment, protecting it from adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, or extreme temperatures.

5. Power Generation: With built-in solar panels* and generators to supply ample power to equipment, reducing the need for external power sources.

6. Workspace: Offiering dedicated workspace for technical tasks such as data management, video editing, sound mixing, and equipment maintenance.

7. Communication Hub: These vehicles can serve as a communication hub for technical personnel, facilitating coordination among various departments and ensuring smooth operation of technical equipment.

8. Equipment Organisation: Having dedicated storage and organisation systems for technical equipment, ensuring that everything is well-organized and easily accessible.

9. Mobility: Being able to travel to remote or challenging locations create huge opportunities and a wider range of available shooting locations.

10. Cost-Efficiency: Our Tech trucks offer cost saving alternatives compared to transporting equipment separately or renting multiple vehicles. It reduces the need for additional transport costs.

11. Environmental Impact: Consolidating equipment into one vehicle, our tech vehicles can reduce the overall carbon footprint of the production by minimizing the number of vehicles needed.

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