Make-up Truck Hire

A make-up truck is the one of the most important facilities vehicles on set. Whether it’s at unit base or location the make-up truck provides a place where stylists and make-up artistes can work their magic. It provides a comfortable and well lit area that allows the tv and film industry to apply vital hair, beauty and cosmetics to the crew, ready to get the best shots on set.

Our make-up trucks and trailers provide a bespoke and luxury environment where stylists can turn cast into their characters. With heating and air con the working area is kept comfortable and stylists are able to produce the highest quality of work even at times of high pressure and time restraints.

The benefits of a Make-up Truck

Our make-up vehicles offers a controlled and well-equipped environment for make-up artists to work their magic on talent. It enhances efficiency, privacy, and comfort, ultimately contributing to the success of location video productions, particularly when it comes to the appearance of the cast.

1. Dedicated Workspace: Our make-up trucks offer a dedicated and spacious workspace for make-up artists to work on talent. This space is equipped with proper lighting, mirrors, and seating, ensuring a comfortable and well-lit environment for makeup application.

2. Privacy: Talent can have their make-up done in a private and controlled setting, away from the distractions and chaos of the main production location. This privacy allows for focused preparation and touch-ups.

3. Efficiency: Have all all the necessary tools, products, and equipment required in once place for make-up application, reducing the need to transport supplies back and forth between locations.

4. Comfort: providing a comfortable temperature for make-up application, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

5. Storage: Our make-up trucks have storage space for make-up products, tools, and equipment, keeping everything organised and readily accessible for makeup artists.

6. Sanitation: These vehicles are equipped with sinks and running water, ensuring that make-up artists can maintain proper hygiene while working.

7. Convenience: Make-up artists can have quick access to their entire toolkit without needing to set up and tear down their workspace repeatedly at different locations.

8. Talent preparation: Additional amenities such as hair styling station, super versatile spaces for talent preparation.

9. Cost Efficiency: Our make-up trucks provide cost savings as it eliminates the need to transport and set up equipment repeatedly.

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