The Pro Boxer Location Van

Film Location Vehicles from Splitz Facilities

The Pro Boxer is our new production office, ULEZ-compliant location van. This location van is a brilliant asset to your production, you can travel and set up a more civilised office than you’ve ever had before. With nine passenger seats and a five-seat office while stationary, it is fitted with plush walls and fittings, heat-reflective limo tint windows with blinds, and a large skylight for a 360 degree view of your unit.

Features like overhead storage, air conditioning, and the all important blown heating system. This vehicle also uses a powerful 1.5 kVA 240v green eco-emission-less generator, and a split charging system powers this truck while on the move. Minimising the use of the petrol generator makes this a brilliant location vehicle. *5G Wi-Fi at a small extra charge must be pre-booked as it is not fitted to the vehicle. When you’re looking for compact location facilities, give Splitz Facilities a call.

7.2 Meters long
2.o Meters Wide
2.6 Meters High
REG No : N900 SP

For more information, give us a call on 0208 945 5728 or email us.


This vehicle is Ultra low Emission zone Compliant
Production Van 3
9 Seats including driver
Production Area for 5
240v power and USB Charging sockets
dimmable Led Lighting
Zero Emission Silent Battery Generator inverter system

*Wifi 5g On EE
*Cool box
* if requested beforehand


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