Luton Camera Truck

Film Location Vehicles from Splitz Facilities

Our 3.5 ton Luton camera truck comes with easy-access steps and a tail lift, power sockets, heating and led interior lighting. Dit or camera or costume trucks that come with one sided racking for camera or costume hanging rails.

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Luton Camera Trucks and Grip Vans

A film and TV camera and Grip truck is an integral part of any significant film or television production. It is essentially a mobile warehouse filled with all the necessary equipment that a production crew might need. From cameras, lenses, lighting, dollies, cranes, to other grip and electrical gear, these trucks are designed to carry everything that a shoot might require.

The camera equipment is undoubtedly the heart of the operation. High-end digital cameras, like the ARRI Alexa or RED cameras, are often used, each offering unique visual characteristics. Various lenses accompany these cameras, providing different focal lengths and effects, from wide-angle to telephoto.

Additionally Grip trucks also carry substantial lighting equipment. This can range from small, battery-powered LED panels to large HMI lights that require their own generators. The lights are controlled using flags, nets, and silks, all of which are also stored in the truck.

The grip portion of the truck carries a variety of tools and equipment that help shape the scene. This includes dollies for smooth camera movements, cranes for high-angle shots, and various mounts for attaching cameras to cars, walls, or even actors. Additionally, they provide C-stands, sandbags, apple boxes, and other hardware needed on set.

The organization within these trucks is crucial. Each piece of equipment has its designated spot, allowing for quick and easy access, and ensuring everything is accounted for at the end of a shoot.

While not always glamorous, the camera and grip trucks are a huge part of the film and television industry. It basically ensures that no matter where a production goes, the necessary tools are always on hand to capture the director’s vision.


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