Dining Bus (Double Decker)

60 seater luxury double decker Dining Bus featuring –

  • Twin eco friendly air con and heating units for top and bottom areas
  • Onboard power sockets
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Disabled access
  • 7Kva Generator
  • 4 meter Awning


What can I expect with Splitz Facilities Dining Bus?

Dining Bus hire could not be a simpler experience with Splitz Facilities. We are more than happy to make sure you have a quality Dining Bus on site for the team with our friendly and reliable service.

The Dining Bus is of high importance during a film and tv production. Not only do they provide a comfortable and safe from the elements place to eat, they are a place for cast and crew members to relax when not needed on set. This helps keep costume and make up in great condition ready for their net stint on-set.  Additionally they double as productive areas such as office space for production crew. This makes the Dining Bus a versatile space with many uses.  Here at Splitz we make sure your Dining Bus experience is comfortable, convenient and trouble free. This creates a relaxed, budget friendly environment for meal times compared to alternative solutions.

This is why Splitz Facilities is proud to offer our bespoke, 60 seat, comfortable and luxury double decker Dining Bus. Our Dining Bus comes with eco friendly twin air conditioning/heating for the top and bottom seating areas. This keeps the crew dry and comfortable whatever the weather making it the ultimate choice for tv and film productions. It boasts tv and plug sockets for convenience and entertainment and also comes with disabled access!

Since hitting the road our Dining Bus has received lots of fantastic feedback from many cast and crew. This is due to its smaller footprint, manoeuvrability and fantastic design! Our Dining Bus has been described as a lovely place to work or space to enjoy a meal due to its onboard amenities.

For more information on Splitz Facilities Dining Bus hire feel free to contact us with our website form or alternatively call us on 02089455728.


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