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Splitz Facilities is proud to offer our bespoke, 60 seat, comfortable and luxury double decker Dining Bus. Our Dining Bus comes with eco friendly twin air conditioning/heating for the top and bottom seating areas. This keeps the crew dry and comfortable whatever the weather making it the ultimate choice for tv and film productions. It boasts tv and plug sockets for convenience and entertainment and also comes with disabled access!

Since hitting the road our Dining Bus has received lots of fantastic feedback from many cast and crew. This is due to its smaller footprint, manoeuvrability and fantastic design! Our Dining Bus has been described as a lovely place to work or space to enjoy a meal due to its onboard amenities.

The benefits of a Dining Bus for the TV and Film industry

A Dining Bus provides huge advantages to the TV and Film industry and are essential to production efficiency.

Firstly the most obvious role of a dining bus is to provide crew with space to have meals. During a long day crew can easily end up having 2 of their 3 main meals of the day on set. As such a large seating space with tables and chairs is required and that’s where a Dining Bus will provide the perfect setting. Being able to provide such large quantities of seating in one place creates huge convenience on set. They are also particularly useful at providing seating for large amounts of cast and extras. This is especially important when costume and make up need to be protected from the rain. It undoubtedly minimises the need for touch ups and costume changes in bad weather.

A Dining Bus also double as productive areas due to large amounts of desk space and on board power. This can be used as office space for production crew, temporary styling areas and also catering spaces. They are hugely versatile and important vehicles on a TV and Film Production.

How can Splitz Facilities help me with this?

As you can see having good quality Dining Bus on set deal with many organisational issues in a convenient, time sensitive and budget friendly manner. Due to their versatility and large amounts of space they can be heavily influential in how time is spent off set.

As they are of such great importance, Splitz Facilities prides itself on offering industry leading and practical solutions. With the use of eco-friendly heating and air con, on board entertainment and plug sockets you can be sure time spent on our vehicles is a relaxing and as productive as you need. Couple that with our friendly service and you can be sure to have the best hire experience with us.

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